2009 Member Invitational Results

Overall Champions
Scot Cox – Chris Martin

Championship Flight
1st Bobby Newman-Dustin Newman
2nd Fred Williams-Kin Britton
3rd Jeff Stevens-TA Stevens

First Flight
1st Lee Amick-Jamey Amick
2nd Neil Rodgers-Chris Tapp
3rd Chris Vinyard-Vincent Braswell

Second Flight
1st Jerry Martin-Randy Childers Sr.
2nd Murray Glenn-James Glenn
3rd Kevin Cole-Bucky Cole

Third Flight
1st Evin Martin-Steve Corn
2nd Danny Cash-Jim Cudd
3rd Gerhard Grommer-Josef Grommer

Fourth Flight
1st Matt Hardigree-Kevin Tapp 
2nd Mike Byce-Frank Parks
3rd Glenn Brown-Sport Gowan

Fifth Flight
1st Trey Hall-Mike Poplin
2nd Rhett Frady-Paul Brooks
3rd Steve Moody-Ann Moody

Chris Martin and Scott Cox won the tournament in dramatic fashion by holing out for an eagle “2” on the final hole for the one shot victory over the teams of Fred Williams and Kin Brittton and Kyle Milner and Kevin Roberts

Kit Hill made a Hole in One on #4 during the tournament.

Greg Newton Made a Hole in One on #8 during the tournament